Debbie Montibeler

Licensed Strata Manager

member-1Debbie started in Strata Management 17 years ago as an assistant and quickly showed a keen interest in strata.

There was a rapid progression from assistant to Strata Manager where Debbie has gained a wealth of knowledge and honed her ability to efficiently service all schemes managed.

Debbie’s strengths are efficiency, knowledge in compliance, debt recovery and constant follow up on outstanding issues to ensure that matters are completed promptly.

Work Health & Safety, and compliance are key areas that Debbie excels at as safety is paramount for residents, owners & contractors who attend properties. With a sound understanding of the legislation surrounding these areas you will always be given thorough advice in these matters.

Debbie has built strong relationships with her owners & committees that she has managed over the last 17 years. Debbie has a proven track record with her management skills resulting in a loyal following by her clients.

This sees Debbie now entering the next phase of her career as a business partner where her skillset combined with Anthony’s will offer a new level of service to all clients.