Insurance Quotes

Insuring your property is a legal requirement under the legislations that bound an Owners Corporation. Ensuring you get the right cover at the best price can be done by shopping around.

We have several avenues available to Owner Corporations in order to provide quotes from different insurers. We can either deal directly with the insurers themselves or engage the convenience of an insurance broker who will do the leg work for you and get several comparative quotes.

Either way we are committed to getting the best deal for the schemes we manage.

Insurance Renewals

Once we obtain quotes for the building insurance renewal, based on what decision was made at the Annual General Meeting, we will ensure that your schemes policy will be renewed on time every time.

We understand the risk of being uninsured and have developed systems that keep track of insurance renewals. This means that we have time to get valuations prepared if required and obtain quotes prior to renewal being due.

We also keep track of your finances and take any necessary action to ensure funds are available for the renewal.

Insurance Claims

Where required we will submit claims to the respective insurer for any expenditure undertaken as a result of a claimable loss.

We are well versed in each respective insurer’s policies to ensure that we understand what can & can’t be claimed under the policy.

We also understand the insurer’s procedures in respect of claims, and follow these in order to ensure speedy claim resolutions.

Building Valuations

By law every 5 years every scheme must have a building valuation performed by a registered building valuer for insurance purposes.

Once resolved by the Owners Corporation to undertake a valuation, we have several companies that can perform this service.

Once the valuation has been obtained the Owners Corporation are required to follow the recommendations made in the valuation.