Emergency Contacts

Emergency issues unfortunately do not always occur during business hours therefore times do arise when an owner or tenant needs to contact a tradesman after hours.

Most afterhours issues can be averted so that a contractor can attend on the next business day. The benefit of this is that the Owners Corporation avoid paying expensive after hours call out rates.

Where the matter can wait till the following business day it is best to contact our office during business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm) where we will arrange a tradesman to attend as soon as possible.

If the problem is serious and requires immediate attention following is a list of Norwest Strata’s preferred tradesman that you may call when required.

Note: The Owners Corporation are only responsible for maintaining common property, therefore any repair undertaken to an item not deemed as common property will need to be paid by the person who engaged the contractor.

For any life threatening matter contact Emergency Services on triple zero (000).

Click on one of the following links to be taken to the relevant contact details for the issue you are facing:

If you have trouble contacting any of the listed tradesmen you can try and contact a different tradesman that is not on the list, however payment of the invoice will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee or Owners Corporation.

Before contacting a tradesmen you are not familiar with or listed as one of our emergency tradesman you can call the following 24 hour contact number for our office:

0409 488 006

Leave message providing details of the nature of your emergency and someone will return your call. Also advise which of the tradesman you attempted to contact and have not heard back from and we will assist with the matter.

Flood or Storm

For any emergency issues caused by flooding or storms contact:

Glass Breakage

For any emergency issues caused due to glass breakage contact:

Express Glass – 1300 666 234

Express Glass will attend and assess the situation then take the necessary action to make the area safe, then return and carry out the repair.


For any emergency issues caused to a lock or door please contact one of the following:

ASM Locksmiths – 9896 0393 or 0418 967 987

Guardian Locksmiths – 0416 137 205

Please note that deadlocks on unit or townhouse entry doors are not deemed to be part of the common property therefore the owner is responsible for maintaining these.

We also advise that some buildings may have an exclusive use by-law that places the cost of the repair to a lock or door back onto the owner of the property. If a locksmith is engaged after hours and the property has an exclusive use by-law in place the owner or resident will need to settle the invoice directly with the locksmith.

Electrical Emergency

If it is only your property that is affected, i.e. other units or townhouses next to yours still have power you will need to contact your electricity provider and discuss the issue with them. For electrical emergencies such as power line issues contact:

Origin Energy – 13 24 61

Energy Australia – 13 34 66

Endeavour Energy – 133 718 or 131 003 for emergency situations

For issues with power to your unit, townhouse or villa it should be understood that the Owners Corporation are responsible for all electrical components in the common area, and the electricity supply cables that run from the meter room and connect into the individual circuit board inside the unit, townhouse or villa.

The electrical cabling system from the individual circuit board that runs through the property is generally the owner’s responsibility to maintain.

For any strata related electrical issues the following tradesman can be contacted:

DDE Services – Drago 0418 276 572

Powertek Electrical Servces – David 0418 649 280

Gas & Plumbing Emergencies

For gas supply line emergencies contact:

Jemena – 131 909

For any plumbing emergencies contact:

A Style Plumbing & Drainage – Adrian 0414 456 553

Polaris Plumbing – Jerry 0419 465 573

Insight Plumbing Group – Ryan 0491 600 576

The details above should only be contacted for common property issues such as blocked sewer lines. Issues with taps inside a property are not covered by Strata.

For any leaking pipes in the property look for the main isolation valve for the property which will be for units under the kitchen sink on the rear wall or vanity in the bathroom or laundry tub sink, and for townhouses or villas with individual water meters, it is located on the water meter.

For properties with communal hot water systems the hot water isolation valve may be located in the unit in one of the abovementioned places, or in the common stairwell behind an access panel, or in the garage area or around the common areas.

By turning off the water supply to the property afterhours call out rates can be avoided as the matter can be dealt with the following day.

Car Park Entry Gates / Roller Shutters

If there is an issue with main garage entry gate or roller shutter, there is normally a manual override that allows you to open the door manually. If you are able to find instructions near the door or work out how to manually override it, leave the door open and contact our office the following business day so we can arrange an urgent repair.

If there are no instructions, but there are contact details of a company that performs servicing of the door try contacting them first as they may be able to talk you through the process.

In the event that the door cannot be manually overridden contact:

Dominator Doors – Aldo 0414 467 464

Roof Damage

Due to restrictions on the insurances a roofing contractor holds and Work Health & Safety legislation, a roofing contractor cannot access a roof whilst it is wet. It is simply too dangerous for them to do so.

If the issue is related to severe flooding or storm contact the State Emergency Services (SES) on: 132 500

If the issue can wait until the rain has stopped you can contact:

JSJ Roofing – 9627 3232

Common Hot Water Issues

If your unit, townhouse or villa has its own hot water system, this is the owner’s responsibility to maintain, and not covered by strata.

If you live in an apartment block that has a communal hot water system and you experience a loss of hot water, the first thing to do is check with your neighbours to see if they are also experiencing the same problem.

If they are not having the same issues, then the problem is isolated to your unit and you would need to arrange a plumber yourself to attend to this.

If the problem is being experienced by all residents, then you can contact:

Hot Water Technologies – Tim 0414 389 556 or 9241 5585

Sydney Water

From time to time Sydney Water can turn the water supply off to an entire area in order to rectify a water main issue.

If you experience a loss of water you should carry out the following:

1. Check with your neighbour to see if they are experiencing the same issue.

2. If others in the complex have the same issue, visit a neighbouring property and check with one of the residents to see if their building also has a problem.

3. If the neighbouring property also has no water, contact Sydney Water to see if there is an outage in the area.

Sydney Water – 13 20 90

Police & Insurance Providers

Emergencies can occur at any time such as an accident or crime that causes damage to the building. Generally these matters are considered insurable events, however before we can submit a claim on behalf of the Owners Corporation we need a police event number.

When a major insurable event occurs it should be reported to the police immediately. This can be done by contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

For a major incident the building insurance provider can also be contacted for assistance. They can arrange an assessor or emergency builder to attend. You can check the last agenda or minutes that were issued or logon to the portal to find out who the building insurer is.

Following are the contact details for the two major Strata insurers that are used:

CHU – 1800 022 444

Strata Unit Underwiters – 1800 788 435

Both companies have a preferred building contractor that can handle any emergency issues. Following are the contractor’s details:

Johns Lyng Group – 1300 736 000

Advanced Building – 1300 878 687

Should a major incident occur after hours we ask that you contact our office as soon as possible to provide details of the incident along with the police event number provided to you.