Other Services

Building Defects

We are able to assist schemes with building defect issues. We have successfully managed defect claims in the past and are able to advise owners on how best to proceed with building defect issues.

Mediation & Tribunal Attendance

From time to time an Owners Corporation may be required to defend action being taken against them by an Owner. If required we are able to attend mediation at the Office of Fair Trading or hearings at the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal. Some matters may require legal representation, if required we will advise the Owners Corporation accordingly.

Legal & By-Law Advice

There may come a time where an Owners Corporation need to engage legal advice on a particular matter. This may be levy arrear recovery, by-law breaches or drafting of by-laws to be registered, or tribunal hearings in defence of various matters. We have used and can recommend several leading legal firms that specialise in Strata matters.

Cost Reduction Programs

Saving money is everyone’s aim these days and there are now industries that are dedicated to seeing where money can be saved. We have successfully implemented cost reduction programs in the past such as replacement of inefficient lighting with LED variants, negotiating better electricity supply contracts to save money and installation of water saving devices on plumbing fixtures. We are constantly reviewing various programs to determine their viability for our schemes.

Submission of Applications

Where required we are able to submit required applications on behalf of our schemes. The most common would be tree removal or trimming applications. There are however a myriad of others that we have had to submit on behalf of schemes in the past. In order to minimise delays we ensure that these applications are completed correctly.

Contract Negotiation

We have in the past successfully negotiated favourable outcomes for schemes for services such as lift maintenance, grounds maintenance, building management and fire services maintenance.