Communication is a key component to successfully managing any scheme. At Norwest Strata we treat all correspondence with the same level of importance.

We provide several means of corresponding with our office being normal post, email or fax. All correspondence is prioritised based on its level of urgency, with emergency repairs & issues taking priority.

Normally we will respond to all correspondence within 48 – 72 hours, however during peak times this may go out to a maximum of 5 business days. Our policy is that we will respond to your correspondence within 5 business days.

We maintain a correspondence folder for all schemes we manage where we will keep a copy of any correspondence that comes in or goes out of our office.

There are legislative requirements for the maintaining of a schemes records. Following is a list of the records that we maintain for any scheme:
  • Strata Roll – Contains all owners details
  • Common Seal – Official Corporation seal for use on legal documents
  • Minute Book – Used to store all important documents for the scheme such as Annual, extraordinary & executive committee agendas & minutes.
  • Correspondence – Where all incoming & outgoing correspondence is stored.
  • Accounts – Used to store all accounting data for the scheme.
  • Insurance – Holds insurance documents such policies, claims history & valuations.
  • Section 109 & 118 – Where all change of details & 109 certificates are stored.
  • Compliance – Holds fire certification, Work Health & Safety, and asbestos registers.
  • Minutes & Agendas – Where all past Annual, Extraordinary & Executive Committee agendas & minutes are stored. Includes proxy forms provided for each respective meeting.
  • Taxation – For storage of BAS & Income tax return documents are stored.

All records are maintained in accordance with the respective legislation in place.

Agendas & Minutes

Each scheme is required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting not earlier than 1 month before nor later than one month after the anniversary date of the first annual general meeting.

For most schemes the meeting will be held within 1 month of the financial year closing for the scheme. If the meeting is not held within this time frame a set of financial statements must be provided showing the to date figures up the day that the agenda was sent out.

At Norwest Strata we ensure that the meeting is held within the month after the financial year close.

From time to time an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called to resolve any pressing matters that require a decision of the Owners Corporation.

The Executive Committee of your scheme may also call & hold Executive Committee Meetings as required to make decisions on behalf of the Owners Corporation.

For all Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings an agenda must be issued to all owners. For Executive Committee Meetings an agenda can be placed on the notice board at the building if there is one installed.

After a meeting is held a set of minutes outlining the resolutions made should be issued to all owners. Once again for Executive Committee meetings a copy of the minutes can be placed on the notice board at the building if there is one installed.